Things You Absolutely Must Do When In Cebu This Summer

Say hello to Cebu – gem of an island where city life combines with tropical paradise destinations. A great place to be year round, the summer heat brings out so much of what’s being offered. It may be your first time here or it could be your home town – here’s a quick and simple guide to the things you absolutely, no negotiation, have to do in Cebu this summer!

See the city – Home to one of the earliest Spanish settlements, Cebu city has some pretty awe-inspiring achitecture. Take a guided tour or be adventurous and explore by yourselves! From the Cebu Heritage Monument, Fort San Pedro, to Museo Sugbo, Cebu is steeped in history. Besides that, there’s dozens of spots, with great views, where you can tourist it out and appreciate the city (even if you live in it).

Another great part of the city to see – the malls. Treat yourself to great shopping experiences in any of Cebu’s bustling commercial hubs. Besides that, the city has a great nightlife scene that’s definitely worth staying up for.

See the island – Cebu isn’t just a city – it’s a main island and 167 surrounding islets. Explore the main island of Cebu by renting a car (driver optional). You can go on an unguided adventure or have someone familiar with the best spots to give you a tour. Check out tumalog Falls, Aguinid Falls and try your hand at water sports! Go island hopping – this will be great for big groups, or even adventuring duos wanting to meet travel buddies! It’s an efficient and super fun way to see a few of those islets mentioned before.

Work on your tan – The beach is never more than 30 minutes away (more often way less). Get your phones and cameras out and snap some gorgeous sunset pics, Instagram your toes in the sand – you get it. Maybe you can get your scuba license? Or check out their great reefs (just remember: don’t step on them). The possibilities are endless, so long as there’s salt water involved. Don’t forget the sunblock though!

Cebu city is a great jump off point to see the rest of Visayas, or even to go south to Mindanao. Cebu is even better though as the main destination, providing tourists and residents with a modern tropical lifestyle that always excites. The most important thing that you have to do in Cebu this summer is be here!



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